The Foundational Life Operating System ⚙️
to Put Your Life in Order 🎲

Manage all your tasks, projects, goals, people, notes, and bookmarks seamlessly in Notion, with everything interconnected.

Take control of chaos than than rapid context-switching!

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Does any of these sound familiar?



Unified Platform for Everything

Sick of juggling apps like a circus clown? Keep your head in one place with Core System, and never lose sight of important info again.

No more app hopping. 

Say goodbye to context-switching and scattered brain!

Maximize Alignment

Tired of feeling lost and aimless? Like… a ship without a compass?

Connect the dots between your tasks, projects, and goals in a way that was never possible before in a software.

Isolate Signal From the Noise

Are you tired of drowning in distractions and information overload?

Isolate the signal from the noise and focus on what really matters.

Put Learnings to Action

Incorporate the top 4% wisdom and strategies from your learnings, by design!

Fall in love with the process of purposeful learning with our 4C framework.

Improve Team Communication

Streamline your communication and collaboration.

Say goodbye to fragmented communication and embrace asynchronous collaboration that works with people’s rhythms and time zones.

Build System-Dependent Business

Build a business that is not reliant on any one person. 

Create a system that can run itself and scale infinitely.

Systems work, people fail.





Say goodbye to traditional task management and hello to day theming, time-blocking, and task chaining. 

Stay in the flow-state for longer periods of time and work on the things you love. 

No more playing catch-up or swimming in a sea of never-ending to-dos. Get organized and achieve your goals with ease.


Want to make your habits stick?

We’ve got you covered! Our habit-tracking system is based on proven learnings from books like Atomic Habits and Tiny Habits.

You can analyze your habit streaks and see how they influence your behavior and productivity.

Project Management Designed for Clarity

Our project management system is the powerhouse your productivity needs. 

It comes packed with features like project task management, objectives management (for all you OKR lovers!), and even pulls in the right resources to your dashboard. 

Say goodbye to endless tabs and notes scattered everywhere!


Get results.

Our system helps you achieve your objectives with focus and urgency.

Set yearly goals and micro-objectives to stay on track.

You’ll never lose sight of what matters most, with KPIs for every area of your life.

Reflect, PLAN, and Align Across Horizons

Align your micro and macro goals with ease. 

Our horizon dashboards allow you to plan and reflect on your week, month, quarter, and year, so you can stay on the right track. And the best part? 

Our strategic review process is 90% automated, so you’ll always have the information you need, exactly when you need it. 

Purposeful Knowledge and Resource Management

Read relevant information, take notes, and consolidate those notes into your memory and knowledge base.

We call it the “4C” framework: Consume, Capture, Create, and Consolidate.

That’s right, no more drowning in information overload.

Say goodbye to scattered notes and hello to a purposeful streamlined learning process that helps you achieve your goals.

Designed to Strengthen Your Core

Strengthen your core elements!

Define your values, formulate your principles, discover your purpose,  visualize your identity, and track your habits.

We’ve got you covered with everything you need to kickstart your journey to self-improvement. 

Light or Dark, We've Got You Covered! ☀️🌙



A Notion-based system for content creators to manage their blog posts, videos, podcasts, newsletters, etc.


Specialist templates and dashboards crafted especially to play well with the CoreSystem.


Notion-Based System for Online Business Owners to Scale Their Growth With the Help of AI Workflows.

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NOTION System ≠ NOTION Templates

Templates are like plugins! 🔌

Here are the problems with standalone templates:

Before I got to try my hands on Akshay’s CoreSystem, I used random templates for different purposes that I purchased randomly. It worked but wasn’t efficient. With Core System, I have all the necessary components in place. The databases are designed to store all your needs and provide a comprehensive overview of your life and business.

It literally acts like your second brain. For example, documents and notes won't get lost anymore. I can keep track of my goals (both long-term and short-term), projects, tasks, resources and measure progress in each area of my life.

This is so satisfyingly effective that I’m thinking of gifting it to some of my productivity-nerd friends out there!
Swadhin Agarwal
Founder - DigitalGYD






Everything is documented, even the tiniest pieces!

Hey, just-in-time learners 🧠 We’ve got you covered. 😎

I was a Notion novice. I was also quite intimidated by how much I needed to learn to use the app properly, so I never got round to mastering it. My approach was downloading task-based templates, filling them up and using them as isolated sub-apps, and even though I'd made that work, I just didn't look forward to using Notion.

Ever since I got CoreSystem (coupled with CreatorOS), that's no longer the case. Once I got though customizing the product (I can't bring myself to calling it a template; it feels like so much more), I became so fond of how well my day, tasks, projects, goals and pre-existing data are organized I now use Notion for most things. I've finally abandoned Evernote completely; I've stopped wasting time trying to get used to Obsidian; I no longer reach for Apple Notes every 10 minutes, and Notion is now on my iPad which is a BIG deal (no productivity app has ever made it there before).

Thanks to how versatile the OS is and to Akshay's acompanying How Tos, the learning experience has been so smooth I didn't actually notice it and am now experimenting in ways I never imagined I'd consider.

You don't just get a comprehensive life management system here is what I'm saying. It's also a comprehensive, hands-on Notion course . Highly recommended!
Iliana Veltcheva
Freelance writer


👨‍💻 Akshay Hallur

💰 6-Figure Blogger | 🎥 YouTuber | 🧠 Systems Thinker

After dropping out of university in 2015, I pursued my passion for content creation and built a successful career.

Over the years, I have built and sold numerous authority websites, and my main site – BloggingX, receives over a million page views annually with a team of authors contributing to it.

I discovered Notion back in 2019 on Product Hunt 🎊

As my portfolio of websites and team starts to grow, I developed a system that allows me to effectively delegate and outsource my work, freeing up time to focus on other aspects of my business and expand my horizons.

And I thought, why not help fellow online business owners?

Here I am! 🙌

I bring a unique set of interdisciplinary skills 🧠 to the table, including blogging, course design, systems design, and transformational coaching, to help you develop creative solutions to any problem.

I’ve built Core System to maximize the systemic benefits of Notion, and I also create effective systems to help content creators and creative professionals lead successful lives.

🎉 My unfair advantageI’m a born abstract thinker and generalist. I have a talent for connecting seemingly unrelated topics to develop creative solutions to problems. I am adept at understanding the best knowledge from various domains and synthesizing it to implement precise solutions, often addressing the root causes.

🚀 Are you ready to take control of your life and business?

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Who this system is for?

Who this system is NOT for?




$ 157
  • Lifetime access to the system
  • Access to interactive onboarding, block-level documentation and tutorials


$ 197
  • All Starter plan features plus:
  • Lifetime access to CreatorOS
  • Access to all specialist templates
    (like Team Management, Finance Management, etc.)
  • 30 mins coaching call with Akshay

We've spent 200+ hours perfecting the system so that you don't have to! 🌟



Unfortunately, Notion templates don’t come with a try-before-you-buy option. But, don’t fret not! We’ve got a plethora of free YouTube videos that’ll help you make the decision!

Sorry to disappoint, but the discounts you see are the only ones we’re offering. However, keep your peepers peeled for any future promotions that may pop up! 😉

When you purchase, you’re in for an exciting ride! Gain immediate access to our intuitive and interactive onboarding experience, where you can easily duplicate our systems and hit the ground running.

Plus, you’ll have access to our comprehensive documentation and playbooks, as well will be part of our community!

We’re always on top of the latest Notion features and updates, and we frequently release updates with new features, bug fixes, and improvements.

When we release updates, we’ll notify you by email and even provide you with a quick Loom video on how to update your system.

Currently, we offer email support (we love Loom 💞), but in the near future, we plan to introduce community support as well.

We are always here to answer any questions you have and will also assist you in finding the right resources.

We offer customization services that you can book a discovery here. We’re always available to answer any questions you have about working with a 3rd party developer as well!

Also we have an in-depth documentation that includes information on tweaking the system

No. The purchases are meant for individual use and the licenses do not allow sharing or reselling.

However, we do allow discounts on bulk purchases.

Contact us for more details.

Once you duplicate the Notion template package or the system, as there’s no possibility to reverse the process, we do not provide refunds. But don’t worry; we’ve got tons of free videos on our YouTube channel to help you make an informed decision. And if you’re still not satisfied, reach out to us at, and we’ll work with you to find a solution.



Always design systems that embrace human-centeredness and all-inclusiveness.

The CORE system (upon which CoreOS is built) is designed to be platform-agnostic. Whatever workspace management apps you use, you can use the CORE system with them. I can easily see Obsidian, Anytype, Tana,, and users adopting the CORE framework. A human-centered and inclusive approach is at the heart of CORE.


Use First-principles reasoning to design systems that are infinitely scalable.

Our first principles reasoning dictates the system’s design, so as a power user, you can be assured that it offers solid foundations to build on.

In platforms like Notion, you can organize and customize things endlessly. There are often people who create databases for small, insignificant things and spend more than 5 hours every day managing the system.

Many system builders forget that Notion is an “App-development” platform. Their product ships with many rough edges and is based on the fallacy that users will figure it out themselves!

We want to end this.


Maximize signal-to-noise ratio by not over-engineering the system

There is no point in creating separate databases or dashboards for everything. It leads to diminishing returns (please heed the bell curve).

It is best to use a foundational system first, and then slowly evolve it over time, using first principles reasoning. Otherwise, you’ll invite chaos or spend a lot of time managing the system.

By harnessing non-verbal communication, we have a design system that lets colors, icons, placement of objects, and context speak for themselves.

We’ve set creative constraints to facilitate “flow”. As a creative professional, you can only interact with the system in a finite number of ways.


80% of results come from 20% of actions

The CoreOS system makes it clear what steps you need to take at any time and in what order to accomplish your tasks, projects, milestones, and goals in the most logical and productive order.

Our system is “objective-oriented”. Any action items that are not in alignment with the system, can be easily discarded without any friction.

By embracing minimalism and the power of prioritization, we’ve designed the system to help discipline you to operate on purpose all the time.


Knowledge work should accrete

The beauty of managing the CoreOS is that the time you spend managing and enriching the system will have compounded results over time.

It is because we’ve embedded the principles of knowledge aggregation, information resurfacing, and feedback mechanisms in the system.

CoreSystem v2 released 🎁 - Use the code "LAUNCH" to get 50% OFF 🎊